Iberian product, one-piece or sliced?

Published: 08/30/2017 09:54:08

How do you prefer your iberian product? How do you like it more? One-piece or sliced and vacuum packing? There are differences between them. For example, to get vacuum sealed ham, iberian pallette or iberian sausage extends its life, whereby can be preserved for much longer.

Vacuum packing means to remove oxygen from the container, which limits the development of microorganisms that can decompose the product; prevents oxidation, with which we get rid of the rancid fat and by other hand we forget too the putrefaction process that affects other foods that have not been vacuum sealed .

The color, texture and flavor are preserved much like fresh product. The packaging makes the food safer for consumption.

Let’s not confuse the vacuum seal with the supermarket trays where our purchase can be us served. These trays protect from the outside but allow air to enter inside, so the conservation will no longer be the same and the microorganisms in charge of the putrefaction will soon be present. And of course, both types of packaging, vacuum and tray, need cold storage.

Before it was not usual to seal in a vacuum, but this type of packaging is seen more and more frequently in large areas, supermarkets or specialized stores of the Iberian sector. The reason is derived from the fact that the ham is becoming better known outside our borders and sold much more abroad, so the product has to be packaged in the right conditions with the aim of not losing its organoleptic qualities and for its properties to be optimal when it reaches the final consumer.

Advantages of selling this way:

-       The product can be preserved for more than three months without its properties being depleted.

-       Just open the container and serve

-       You can take it wherever you want: a pic-nic, a dinner with friends, a family meal…

In any case, the important thing is that the product arrives in optimal conditions at the consumer table and this, wether it is a piece or vacuum packed, is possible. We just have to taste and enjoy, so..let’s eat ham!


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