Hams, cold cuts and cheeses from Extremadura

Our raw material

The main raw material for a good Iberian ham is patience throughout the process of developing ...

Iberian pigs are raised slowly they fall for "old" and stronger without gaining weight too. At this stage become "primal" which are Iberian pigs made with "box", that is, with a good skeleton, prepared to withstand pounds of meat marbling of fat that will come up in the next phase "acorn" .

When they fall months in the Dehesa Extremadura, mature acorns. And it is precisely at this time that the pigs come into "acorn" and feed on this precious fruit, which will give us all the special qualities of a good ham.

Later, after several months of fattening pigs they are slaughtered weighing about 14 pounds (160kg.). Among the winter months from December to March begins the manufacture of our products. Here are worth the rush and not have to take special care in all phases of development: bleeding, oreo, salted and dried.

Time does not exist at this point other than to identify each piece of ham when it is your time to move to the next phase.

And we're getting to the summer season, where the hams sweat profusely and exhale a very typical and hearty thanks to that special fat and those unique properties that have the Iberian breed aroma.

Finally, after a period of three years, we got this wonderful piece of our gastronomy, such as ours and universal at the same time, which is the Iberian ham Matarrevalva.

Fabricación de Jamones y Embutidos Ibéricos Extremeños