Boneless Iberian Bellota Palette

Boneless Iberian Bellota Palette

Boneless Iberian Bellota Palette

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To give them the most comfort and the best service from Matarrevalva we offer the opportunity to get the best palette of boneless Iberian acorn. Adqiera our Iberian palette of Acorn boneless brazuelo and learn a product of immense quality and unique flavor. Pallets made of pigs 2012 campaign, with a minimum curing of 28 months and raised in Extremadura

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BONELESS IBERIAN ACORN MATARREVALVA from 100% Iberian pigs bred in the pastures of Extremadura (raised freely in the countryside).

RACE: 100% Pure Iberian. Bred in freedom.

PART foreleg.

ORIGIN: Extremadura.

FOOD: acorns, herbs and all natural resources that provides rich Extremadura.

PREPARATION: 100% Palette Iberian pork raised in freedom and fed on pastures in Extremadura during the time of montanera. Craftsmanship: minimum 28 months healing natural drying in Extremadura, which promotes extraordinary sensory characteristics.

INGREDIENTS: Palette Iberian pork and salt Matarrevalva.

CONTROL: I Certificcado piglets from birth to final marketing ARAPORCEI.

PRESENTATION: The piece is treated by one of our cutters teachers and vacuum packed.

CONSUMPTION AND CONSERVATION: We recommend eating your piece in six months from receipt of the product. It may be stored at room temperature, although the ideal temperature to preserve the product is between 15 and 20 °. Once the cut is finished, cover the area with the remaining fat. Protect with a clean cloth.

Product of craftsmanship, natural and traditional processes.

Limited production.

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